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Why should I hire only a licensed and fully professional locksmith?

Hiring a licensed locksmith is important because the state laws require that the locksmith should be licensed and certified by the Government organization. It ensures that the person you bring home is legitimate and the skills of him are only for your protection and security. Therefore hire only licensed and fully professional locksmiths.

I am moving to a new home. The locks are good then why should I rekey my locks?

It is important that when you move to a new home, you should always rekey the locks for safety. The previous residents of the house or the builders may have the keys of your house already. So it is a safer and must-do practice that you rekey the locks so that a new set of keys work and the old keys are no longer in use.

Can a locksmith repair my car locks too?

A professional locksmith can easily repair your car locks and it is not much different from your house locks. A locksmith can repair your car keys, ignition keys and program transponder keys too. They can perform the entire car keys repair and can cut new keys too.

When do I need a locksmith?

You need a locksmith in the following conditions-

  • You are locked out of your house
  • You are locked out of your office
  • You are locked out of your car
  • Need a new car key
  • Need a new locks installation
  • Rekeying or master keying
  • Need safe repair or installation

These are just some general conditions and you may need a locksmith for all types of security services in your house.

What should I do if I have lost my keys?

You should immediately call a locksmith if you discover that your keys are lost. Locksmiths can regenerate keys for almost all types of residential, commercial and auto locks.

Someone has stolen the keys of my house. I don’t know what to do. Please help.

In this case you have to rekey all your house locks to make it safe. Rekeying is the process of changing the existing locks slightly so that it take new keys and reject old ones. This is a less expensive option than buying a new lock and is a convenient option.

Is the price quoted over the phone and what I am going to pay on the spot is same?

Yes, in most cases it is the same. Many locksmiths will quote different and ask different but we are not like them. We do honest services and ask for honest pricing. If there are any discrepancies then we will explain the reason for every pricing we do.

My car keys lost. I need a locksmith to open my car. Will it be done safely without any damage to car?

A professional company will do the job securely and there will be no damage to your car. There are a number of tools and techniques by which the car will be opened safely.

If the locks in my house need a change or a new part, will it be arranged instantly?

Yes, Chrome Locksmiths always carry a full inventory of locksmith parts and carry all the parts and tools with them. So you need not worry about the delay in arranging the parts or locks while servicing. We carry all and your locksmith service will not be disturbed.

If you have any questions please fill our contact us form or call on our phone number and we will answer your question immediately.